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A wonderful, whimsical way to explore what bodies need to feel healthy and happy!

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From the creative collaboration of author Taylor Morgan and illustrator M. Kyle Hollingsworth, comes a memorable book to delight kids and their grownups alike.

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“A lively lyrical romp from bad food moods to educating and encouraging kids to think about how they nourish their bodies. The art is as vibrant as a rainbow of healthy foods.”

Sue Ganz-Schmitt, award-winning author of
That Monster On The Block and Planet Kindergarten



Food Moods is a fun way to learn about making good food choices, and how what you eat affects how you feel.


A special bonus section for the grownups helps explain how the various colors of fruits and veggies contribute to feeling good.

Full of silly and surprising rhymes and captivating characters, Food Moods is sure to become a frequent favorite of the littles in your life.

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